More Companies Join Tizen

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The Tizen Association gets 15 more Partner Program members, adding the support of mobile game publishers, operators, developers, mobile software vendors and telcos to the nascent operating system.

TizenLaunched back in November 2013, the Partner Program counts 36 members. Recent additions include AccuWeather, Baisu, CloudStreet, Gamevil, Sprint and ZTE, among others.

Tizen Association members can join relevant working groups and take part in association meetings to gain more access, insight and input into Tizen OS development.

"We are gaining support from all segments of the connected device ecosystem, as more organizations realize the opportunity in providing smartphones and connected devices globally from the high-end to the low-end of the market," the Association says. "The convergence of knowledge will make Tizen a catalyst for providing more innovation not just in smart phones - every vendor and operator will have the ability to provide a huge variety of customizable services to their customer."

Tizen is a standards-based, cross-architecture mobile device OS based on Linux. So far only Samsung confirmed Tizen device plans, having revealed the first consumer device running on the OS at the Tizen Developer Summit last year-- specifically the NX300M smart camera.

Go Tizen Association Announces 15 New Partner Program Members