ARM Boosts IoT Processors

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ARM reveals the Cortex-M7, a 32-bit addition to the Cortex-M processor family promising to deliver double the compute and digital signal processing (DSP) capability of current ARM-based microcontrollers.

Cortex-M7Designed for use in high-end embedded applications such as next-generation vehicles, connected devices and smart buildings, the M7 runs at 400MHz (in comparison the previous M4 runs at 168MHz), allowing for faster audio and image processing, as well as demanding embedded applications.

"The addition of the Cortex-M7 processor to the Cortex-M series allows ARM and its partners to offer the most scalable and software-compatible solutions possible for the connected world," ARM says. "The versatility and new memory features of the Cortex-M7 enable more powerful, smarter and reliable microcontrollers that can be used across a multitude of embedded applications."

The company adds 2013 ARM-based microcontroller shipments total nearly 3 billion, and H1 2014 shipments already reach 1.7bn. Apparently 14% of the chips find use in payment cards, while the rest end up in commas, embedded tech, drones and, of course, IoT devices.

Go ARM Supercharges MCU Market With Cortex-M7