Wireless Charging for Larger Devices

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Freescale launches a 15W Qi-compliant wireless charging solution-- one the company claims is suitable for the cable-free charging of larger devices, such as tablets and handheld medical devices.

Wireless charging tabletCurrent wireless charging solutions handle just 5W, meaning the Freescale system would also enable faster charging for smartphones, as well as tablets armed with a 4000mAh battery.

The Freescale solution comes in the shape of two 15W ICs-- the WPR1516 receiver and the MWCT1012 transmitter chips. It supports several industry standards, including the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and the Power Matters Alliance (PMA), and is complemented with "flexible enablement technologies" such as a pair of evaluation board options for different output power topologies.

“Today’s mobile products offer a broader range of features, functionality and form factors than ever before, requiring developers of wireless charging systems to accommodate larger batteries and enable faster recharge speeds,” the company says. “Freescale’s industry-first 15W solution is engineered to address these evolving market requirements, while helping to streamline product development and unleash design creativity.”

The Freescale 15W wireless charging solution should be available for device makers in Q1 2015.

Go Freescale Introduces Industry's First 15W Qi-Compliant Wireless Charging Solution