Android Goes to Work

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Google launches its long brewing enterprise smartphone program-- Android for Work, a collection of applications, online services and industry services involving use of the mobile operating system on the workplace.

Android for WorkAs Google puts it, Android for Work essentially provides a dedicated work profile on the user's device. Building on the built-in multi-user support and SELinux security in Android 5.0, Android for Work allows IT to deploy work apps alongside personal apps, without employees worrying employers are snooping on personal data.

The technology comes from Divide, a BYOD software startup Google swallowed back in May 2014.

An enterprise-managed version of the Google app store, the imaginatively titled Google Play for Work, handles app distribution. Android for Work also includes a built-in productivity tool suite with email, contacts and calendar complete with Exchange and Notes suite.

Devices running on earlier Android versions (from Ice Cream Sandwich through KitKat) get an Android for Work app to cover secure mail, calendar, contacts, documents, browsing and access to approved work apps.

The program involves a number of software and hardware partners, including Box, Citrix, VMware, HTC, LG, Sony, Samsung and even BlackBerry, who add Android for Work compatibility with own enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions and secure business apps.

Go Android is Ready for Work