Android Tablets Get Microsoft Apps

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Microsoft announces a strategic agreement with 11 global and regional hardware makers in the pre-installation of mobile versions of Microsoft software on Android-powered tablets.

Microsoft AndroidThe apps in question are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive and Skype. The companies signing the agreement are Samsung, Dell, TrekStor (Germany), JP Sa Couto (Portugal), Datamatic (Italy), DEXP (Russia), Casper (Turkey), Tecno (Africa), Hipstreet (Canada), QMobile (Pakistan) and Taiwanese ODM Pegatron.

"For OEMs, these deals will increase the value of and enrich people’s experiences on Android devices," the Microsoft announcement reads. "ODMs are important because they extend Microsoft services to the ecosystem… they help to reach a greater number of other device manufacturers, resulting in even more choice for customers around the world."

Rumour has it Microsoft is also courting Android software makers-- specifically Cyanogen, maker of Android-based smartphone OS CyanogenMod. According to Bloomberg Microsoft is "exploring" investment in Cyanogen, with the aim of bundling its apps in future Cyanogen releases.

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