7000 Print Drivers in the Cloud

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ThinPrint claims to have a solution for mobile device users wanting to print documents and photos without need for a PC or Mac-- Cloud Printer, a cloud-based app able to connect to any printer available on a wifi network.

ThinPrintThe app automatically shows the printers available in the current wifi network, and sends the required printout from the smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS). If a wifi printer is not available users can still turn any printer into a cloud-based option via PC or Mac.

“By being fully manufacturer-independent, users with ThinPrint Cloud Printer need only one app to print with any printer," the company claims.  "We solved the complex printer driver issue for customers by hosting over 7000 drivers in our cloud and letting everybody access them when needed. With this technology we enable users to print from their mobile devices to virtually any printer.”

ThinPrint Cloud Printer is available now as a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

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