Fujifilm Updates Instax Share Mobile Printer

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Fujifilm announces the Instax Share SP-2-- a sequel to the company's portable instant film printer described as faster, more reliable and offering more customisation options.

Instax Share SP-2Instax Share printers are able to produce Polaroid-style instant prints from photographs from either mobile phones or compatible cameras. Fujifilm promises the SP-2 is faster and quieter than the previous version, with a laser exposure system allowing it to print 320-dpi resolution photos in 10 seconds.

Connectivity comes through wifi and companion app-- one Fujifilm has updated with an improved UI, new filters, templates for combining multiple photos in a single print and photo editing tools.

As for the actual hardware, the SP-2 features a redesigned body in either silver or gold and a rechargeable built-in battery.

The SP-2 is available from July 2016.

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