A 360-Degree Camera for the iPhone

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Insta360 announces a solution for customers wanting to shoot 360-degree video on the iPhone-- the Nano, a pocket-size camera attachment.

Insta360 NanoThe Nano shoots 360-video through a pair of front- and rear-facing 210-degree fish-eye lens cameras. It connects to the bottom of the iPhone via Lightning port, meaning one needs to hold the phone upside-down in order to shoot video.

A companion app handles panoramic image creation in real-time, with no further post-production on PC or other software required. The company says the camera captures 30fps video at maximum 3K resolution. Once a panoramic video is created users can easily share it on social networks, where it can be viewed via compatible browsers and devices.

The Nano ships from July 2016 in a choice of iPhone-matching silver, gray, black, gold and pink colours

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