Qualcomm Presents Snapdragon 821

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Qualcomm announces an update on the flagship Snapdragon 820 mobile processor-- the cleverly named Snapdragon 821, a chip around 10% faster than its predecessor.

QualcommDescribed as "designed to complement and extend the competitive strengths" of current Qualcomm technology, the quad-core 821 is, essentially, an in-between option for high-end devices launched the company presents an actual next-gen processor. As such, it offers clock speeds of 2.4GHz (up from the 2.1GHz of the 820) while promising battery life and app performance.

Otherwise most of the components inside the 821 are borrowed from the 820, including the 600 Mbps X12 LTE modem, Ultra HD Voice tech for improved call quality, and Upload+ for faster downloads.

Qualcomm adds the 821 will find use in smartphones, tablets and even VR headsets launching during H2 2016. The company names no potential candidates, but we'll hazard a guess and suggest the Asus ZenFone 3 or the next Samsung Galaxy Note.

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