Google's New OS: Fuchsia, Really?

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The software developer geek website GitHub reveals Google is working on a new OS, called "Fuchsia."

Is it an interesting experimental project (not intended for commercializing) or the start of Google's next major play? Not much is known yet: "The decision was made to build it open source, so might as well start there from the beginning," wrote one Google employee in a chatlog.

Fuschia, the color

"Things will eventually be public, documented, and announced, just not yet," wrote another.

But it's not based on Android or Linux.

The GitHub page carries a simple description, "Pink + Purple== Fuchsia (a new Operating System)."

There is plenty of speculation. Could it be for IoT?

The OS's documentation indicates its "Magenta" kernel is designed to work on as varied systems as "embedded devices," mobile devices, and desktop computers. It appears to be written in DART, a general-purpose programming language (originally developed by Google).

Some speculate it's for the today's other big trend, augmented reality.

Our bet is Google is working to unify Android and Chrome OS, the company's two operating systems that run on mobile and laptops respectively. We think this is the unification of its existing operating systems we predicted a couple years ago--and Google's push into the next generation of computing platforms.  An OS that works for virtually anything, the way Microsoft is rolling.

Windows 10 is making headway in mobile, holographic and VR as well as desktop. That's probably a major concern at Google who thought Microsoft was far behind in the rearview mirror.

We think the clue is right in front of our eyes on the GitHub page.

If you change the order of the equation, you get the hint:

Fuchsia = Pink + Purple.

Google Fuschia will be a combination of two things: and we are betting Chrome and Android.

In any event, Google, known for its genuis DNA, might have taken a little more care with code names. After all, for anyone not an English native speaker, pronouncing "Fuchsia" can be a challenge.

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