Huawei to Build Nexus 7 Tablet Successor?

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Nexus 7Leaker Evan Blass takes to Twitter to claim Google is working with Huawei on a 7-inch tablet-- a successor to the 2013's Nexus 7 featuring 4GB of RAM (there's only so much one can leak in 140 characters, after all).

Further details on the tablet are surprisingly scarce. Back in April Huawei reportedly got the trademark to the name "Huawei 7P," marking a possible clue to a device akin to the Nexus 6P, another Google device built by Huawei. Even earlier, in December 2015, Tech Times claimed Google was to launch a new Nexus 7 in May 2016 featuring "flagship specifications" and "drawing inspiration from the Pixel C tablet."

Of course, the launch of the Nexus 7 successor didn't actually happen. But will it take place later this year, perhaps in October? After all, the search giant is said to be releasing a smartphone or two (together with a VR headset and a 4K-capable Chromecast dongle update) on a 4 October 2016 event, and it the revelation of a 7-inch tablet would make sense-- even more so considering how popular the original Nexus 7 was.

Either way, until official confirmation takes place we'll just have to wait for more details.

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