Apple Watch Reaches Series 2

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Apple claims the Apple Watch is the currently the second best selling watch (just after Rolex) before it announces the next generation of the smartwatch-- the Apple Watch Series 2.

Apple Watch series 2The Series 2 is, essentially, an incremental upgrade over the original model. As many expected it is water resistant up to 50m, and is powered by an S2 dual-core processor and new GPU promising twice the graphical performance of the first model. The display is brighter (1000 nits) while GPS comes built-in.

Construction is in stainless steel, aluminium or, in an Apple first, ceramic with a "gorgeous pearl-white shine." Launching together with Series 2 are new Hermes bands. Nike also gets in the Watch action with Watch Nike Plus-- a version designed for athletes featuring a perforated rubber band and lighter aluminium construction for "the best running experience out there.

The Watch Series 2 comes with an OS update-- version 3 adds adds stickers, on-screen effects, replies via writing on the screen, general app improvements and, perhaps obviously, a version of the ultra-popular Pokemon Go.

As for the first Watch, the smartwatch gets a name change to "Series 1" together with a price cut. The Watch Series 2 arrives on 13 September together with the OS 3 update.

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