A Stereoscope for the iPhone With Elsewhere

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Back in Victorian times people had a lot of fun with stereoscopes, a means to enhance the illusion of depth of still photographs. Now this old technique reaches the iPhone with the Elsewhere headset, a gadget looking very much like something from the old days.

ElsewhereThe Elsewhere headset works in combination with a companion app to convert any picture or video on the device to 3D through what the makers boldly describe as "technomancy" (as mentioned earlier, the process is very much akin to stereoscopy). The simple viewer features a pair of adjustable lenses and clamps to the iPhone before one puts the device straight to their face.

While the 3D effect is described as fairly impressive, one has to keep in mind the Elsewhere does not provide a truly immersive experience-- meaning one cannot turn their heads in order to look around world generated by a photo or video. Disappointingly it also does not support the direct viewing of YouTube or Netflix through the app. Instead the makers suggest a curious turnaround involving playing the video on a computer and viewing it through the phone camera, all while holding the headset to your face.

Still, the Elsewhere is a low-cost alternative to pricier VR headsets, and should make a fun stocking filler for your customers come the holiday season.

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