Digitimes: VR-Enabled Smartphones to "Soar" in Q4

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Digitimes Research points out a sales opportunity for the holiday season-- the penetration rate of VR-enabled smartphones and tablets is to "soar" in Q4 2016, at least when compared to other devices.

mobile VR headset Helping smooth the way for VR-enabled smartphones is the successful H1 2016 launch of VR video-enabled Samsung flagship handsets. In the meantime Google and ARM are expected to update VR video applications with reduced algorithm requirements in Q4 2016, fostering the further development of enabled mobile devices.

According to Digitimes Research shipments of VR video-enabled smartphones are to reach 70 million units in 2016, accounting for 5% of overall global smartphone shipments.

Also set to see a boost are shipments of VR devices with gaming consoles or PCs will also improve. However, the analyst suggests such devices should be first aimed at niche markets, before being presented to the mainstream with "reduced prices and enriched content." Digitimes adds Sony should ship over 3m PlayStation VR headsets in Q4 2016, thanks to a higher price/performance ratio compared to the PC VR headset equivalent.

Go Shipments of VR Video-Enabled Smartphones, Bundled VR Devices to Soar in Q4 2016 (Digitimes Research)