OnePlus 3 Gets 3T Boost

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OnePlus presents a boosted variant of the flagship OnePlus 3-- the OnePlus 3T, a smartphone near identical to its predecessor apart from an upgraded Snapdragon 821 CPU, larger battery and a camera improvements.

OnePlus 3TThe OnePlus 3T retains the same form factor as OnePlus 3, even if the company managed to squeeze a 3400mAh battery (up from OnePlus 3's 3000mAh) promising 13% more use on a single charge. Speaking of charging, OnePlus also added "Dash Charge" rapid charging able to provide a day's worth of power after all of 30 minutes of plugging it in.

As for the CPU, the Snapdragon 821 is the faster sibling of the 820, the chip powering flagship handsets such as the Google Pixel and the LeEco LePro3. The other aforementioned upgrade involves the cameras, as the front-facing shooter has a 16MP sensor while the rear-facing camera gets a scratch-proof sapphire lens cover and better electronic image stabilisation.

Final changes come to the software-- the latest version of the OnePlus Android variant, OxygenOS, offers a few design changes before receiving a full Android 7.0 update later this year.

The OnePlus 3T hits the market by end November 2016 in either 64 or 128GB models.

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