The Synaptics All-In-One Biometrics Engine

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Synaptics announces a multi-factor biometric engine at CES 2017-- a collaboration with security specialist KeyLemon incorporating both fingerprint and facial recognition.

Synaptics biometricsDesigned for smartphones, tablets and notebook PCs, the system allows users to unlock devices in multiple ways. It also adds more security for financial transactions and operations using sensitive information, as the two modes of authentication can be required. "Unique" AI can recognise between fake and actual fingers, while anti-spoofing tools can check for combinations of eye blinking and head movements.

"The Synaptics multi-factor fusion engine combines authentication scores from multiple biometrics to determine verification," the company says. "This increases overall system security as both fingerprint and facial factors have to meet minimum threshold requirements before authentication. In addition, the fusion engine improves usability as lower individual verification thresholds still result in greater security."

Also shown by Synaptics are sensors able to scan fingerprints through glass-- similar to technologies Apple is rumoured to be working on, although knowing the company the next iPhone would probably carry a proprietary solution.

Go Synaptics Announces Multi-Factor Biometric Fusion Engine for Mobile Devices