LG Presents Wearable Tone Studio

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LG reveals an unusual hybrid of speaker and headphones at CES 2017-- the Tone Studio and Free are a horseshoe-shaped devices the company says can deliver "amazing" surround sound when worn around the neck.

Tone StudioDescribed as a "personal wearable speaker," the Tone Studio carries 2 full range speakers on the top and 2 vibrating speakers in the bottom. It also features, DTS technology for "realistic theatre-like sound," a DAC for enhanced audio output and a Dual Play mode allowing users to pair two Tone Studio units and share the sound from a movie or playlist.

Customers wanting a more traditional audio product from LG also get an option at CES-- the Tone Free includes wireless earbuds one can charge by storing inside the neckband. As well as taking care of storage and charging the neckband also vibrates to alert users of calls and text messages, while built-in speakers and microphone turn it into a hands-free headset. Only one worn around the neck.

An optional charging cradle takes care of times when the neckband might not be convenient.

“LG has a rich legacy of innovating in the wearable audio market, and our products have become the standard by which all other earphones are judged,” the company says. “We are committed to leading the way in this fast moving market by developing exciting new products which appeal to every music-loving and convenience-seeking individual.”

Go LG Tone Studio and Tone Free Bring New Level of Wearable Sound Innovation to CES