The iDevice-Enabled Blood Glucose Monitor

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One Drop launches the Chrome Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit-- a CE-approved package consisting of a Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose monitor, chrome lancing device, test strips and carry case.

One Drop blood testThe blood glucose monitor pairs with iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and even Apple Watch) and transmits test results "in just 5 seconds" to the companion One Drop app. The lancing device has custom depth settings to adjust the amount of pressure on a use-by-user basis to draw "a perfect drop of blood every time," while compatible test strips can be acquired via monthly subscription.

One Drop offers full integration with Apple HealthKit and CareKit, allowing users to sync data from other health apps as well as share data with medical practitioners. As a result the app provides a single point to track glucose levels, food, activity and medications. It is also available in Android form.

The Chrome kit is available now via Apple online store.

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