Delayed Launch for Next iPads?

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According to DigiTimes Apple is working on 3 iPad models for 2017, but the new tablets "may not be announced or even released in the market until the second half of 2017."

iPad trioThe tablets were supposed to be announced during Q2 2017, but "lower-than-expected" yield rates for the 10-nanometer manufacturing process apparently led to launch delays. As a result Apple will also be looking into getting components for secondary suppliers.

DigiTimes adds the 3 iPads set to launch this year are a 9.7-inch model with a "friendly price range," a 10.5-inch model armed with the A10X processor and an upgraded 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Apple supposedly plans to have the 10.5-inch model replace the existing 9.7-inch line, with the 9.7-inch iPad becoming an entry-level device aimed at the education sector.

Meanwhile the 12.9-inch iPad will remain targeted at the high-end sector, and as such should feature components from primary suppliers.

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