Yoga Book Gets Budget Version With Yoga A12

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Lenovo presents a budget version of the Yoga Book hybrid device-- the Yoga A12, an Android tablet featuring the same touch-based Halo keyboard.

Lenovo Yoga A12Described as an ideal laptop replacement for customers in emerging markets, the Yoga A12 has a 12.2-inch display and carries an Intel Atom x5 CPU, 2GB RAM and 32GB storage. It is 5.4mm thin, weighs around 1kg and claims "immersive cinema-like sound" through the addition of Dolby Atmos technology.

As mentioned earlier, the Yoga A12 also includes the Halo keyboard-- essentially a touch surface with a virtual QWERTY keyboard. Lenovo says the keyboard offers haptic feedback to help users improve their typing, but the version found in the Yoga A12 lacks the Yoga Book's pen-based input.

A 360-degree hinge allows for a variety of use modes (a standard in Lenovo Yoga devices), while the Android OS is enhanced for with a 3-column multi-window UI.

The Yoga A12 hits the market from February 2017 in either gunmetal grey or rose gold colours.

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