Which Features Will Make it in the Next iPhone?

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The 10th anniversary iPhone will have a plethora of previously unseen features, Reuters reports-- including a higher resolution display, wireless charging and 3D sensors.

Qi chargingSuch additions are hardly industry firsts, even if they were never implemented in an Apple smartphone. Such "relatively slow" adoption by the company of new technologies "reflects and reinforces" a slower smartphone replacement cycle. In fact, according to analyst Cown & Co over 40% of iPhones on the market are over 2 years old, a historical high. This means ther is "pent-up demand" for a new iPhone, even one without breakthrough technologies.

"When a market gets saturated, the growth is all about refresh," Technalysis Research adds. "This is exactly what happened to PCs. It's exactly what happened to tablets. It's starting to happen to smartphones." IDC confirms such a trend, since global smartphone sales grew by just 2.3% in 2016.

Predictably Apple is secretive about any future iPhone plans, although leaks from the Asian supply chain offer some clues. A long-running rumour suggests the smartphone will feature an OLED display, with an anniversary edition possibly adding a curved version. Wireless charging is another possibility, especially following Apple's joining of the Qi wireless charging group. That said, a "person with knowledge of the matter" claims Apple has "at least five different groups" working on wireless charging.

TechInsights, a company examining the chips inside devices, also the time-of-flight sensor inside the front-facing camera can be updated to include 3D mapping for facial recognition, while a recently filed Apple patent describes a fingerprint sensor embedded beneath the front display glass.

TechAnalysis Research believes Apple might have a special treat for hardcore fans-- a $1000 "ultra-premium devices" for folks wanting to stand out.

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