Sony's Digital Paper Tablet

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Sony is famous for releasing unusual devices in its home Japan, and the DPT-RP1 is one such example-- a 13.3-inch tablet featuring an ePaper display one can write or draw on via included digital pen.

Sony digital paper tabletTechnically a successor to a similar device, the DPT-S1, the DPT-RP1 offers a "non-slip" panel Sony says makes use of the aforementioned digital pen better. It also has a thinner and lighter design that is as thick as a stack of 30 sheets of paper, while the processor is also improved.

To help with the tablet Sony has a Digital Paper app-- a PC program allowing users to convert websites and documents into PDF files before wireless transmission to the DPT-RP1. This is important, since the DPT-RP1 is only compatible with PDF files, and makes sense since the device is primarily worked at businesses, lawyers and academic institutions wanting to reduce paper use.

The DPT-RP1 is available in Japan from June 2017. No word is available as to whether it will hit Western markets.

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