A Lighter, Simpler Light Phone

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Light PhoneStartup Light presents what it claims is a "phone away from home"-- the Light Phone, a credit card-sized phone that strips down all features making a smartphone smart, leaving a device able to solely make and receive calls.

The result of a 2015 Kickstarter project, the Light Phone is the ultimate in minimalist mobile design. An almost Apple-like slab of white plastic, it simply has a keypad, simple display, speaker, microphone, USB port (for charging), storage for up to 9 numbers and an own SIM card slot.

However it still requires a smartphone, since it pairs with a companion app to allow call forwarding to and from the smartphone. As mentioned earlier the Light Phone only handles calls, since no messaging or email capability is included. Battery life clocks at around 3 days on standby mode, and the OS is actually a "stripped down version of Android."

The Light Phone is currently available only in the US (since it runs on a 2G GSM network) in black or white.

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