Detect Bats Using With the iPhone!

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Customers want an iPhone-compatible means to learn more about... bats? Wildlife Acoustics has the "right equipment" designed specifically for iDevices-- the Echo Meter Touch 2.

Echo MeterThe device is, essentially, a highly sensitive microphone with a Lightning connector. One simply needs to plug it into the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch before firing up a free companion app. The microphone picks up ultrasonic bat calls, while the app adds amplification (making them audible to human ears), displays an interactive spectrogram and even determines the kind of bat making the call in question.

In addition, users can create a bat call library complete with Google Maps GPS tags, and can even share recordings with other Echo Meter Touch users.

For professionals Wildlife Acoustics offers the Echo Meter Touch 2 PRO-- a version with "PhD-level features" such as Gain Settings and Audio Division Ratios. Or so Wildlife Acoustics says, at any rate.

The Echo Meter Touch 2 swoops into the market from June 2017. An Android-compatible version should follow on Q3 2017.

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