Wacom Intros Windows 10, iOS Styluses

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Wacom announces a pair of styluses-- the Bamboo Ink, a Windows Ink stylus designed for writing, and the Bamboo Sketch, a stylus with a swappable fine tip for drawing on an iPhone or iPad.

Wacom BambooThe Bamboo Ink is optimised for Windows 10 devices, and comes with 3 different nibs (soft, medium, firm) for different feels. It is compatible with many Windows devices, and as previously detailed at the Microsoft Build conference it allows users to fully interact with the Edge browser, strike through words on Word and even annotate a PDF file.

Meanwhile the Bamboo Sketch is aimed at iDevice users. It pairs over Bluetooth and is pressure sensitive, even on iPads without Apple Pencil support. Charging comes through magnetic connector and USB, with battery life reaching 15 hours on a single charge.

Both Bamboo Ink and Bamboo Sketch styluses should hit the market from June 2017.

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