Qualcomm Presents Quick Charge 4+

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Qualcomm is quick to present an update on the Quick Charge 4 standard-- Quick Charge 4+, a set of enhancements vendors can add to Quick Charge 4-compliant devices.

Qualcomm QuickchargeThe enhancements found in Quick Charge 4+ are Dual Charge (or at least a "more powerful" version of the feature found in the earlier version), Intelligent Thermal Balancing (steers current to the coolest dual charging pathways in order to keep temperatures down) and "advanced safety features" (monitor phone and connector temperature against overheating and short-circuit damage).

According to Qualcomm such improvements lead to charging up to 15% faster and 30% more efficient than Quick Charge 4. It also cools charging by up to 3 degrees Celsius.

Devices featuring Quick Charge 4+ should hit the market soon enough, with the first being the upcoming Nubia Z17.

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