The Bluetooth Earpiece in a Ring

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Origami Labs presents itself as a solution for customers wanting a Bluetooth earpiece without the dorky look-- Orii, an index finger-worn ring able to produce sound via bone conduction.

OriiThe actual ring is perhaps oversized, being 30mm, 20mm wide and 12mm thick. Construction is in aluminium, and inside are a dual Bluetooth 4.0 radio with Bluetooth Low Energy support, dual-mic noise cancellation, gyroscope, LED, 50mAh battery and a bone conduction actuator. The LED flashes whenever a call is received, and to answer one simply needs to touch their ear with their index finger.

As well as calls the Orii allows users to talk with voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant. A companion iOS/Android app allows the customisation of the notifications provided by the LED light. Origami Labs says battery life totals 1 hour of talk time, with 45 hours of standby time.

The Orii is currently available on a preorder basis via Kickstarter. Shipments should start from February 2018.

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