The Tiny Jelly Smartphone

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Chinese manufacturer Unihertz releases what it claims is the smallest 4G smartphone around-- the Jelly, a device with a 2.45-inch display, a far cry from the current 5-inch standard.

JellyThe result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Jelly measures all of 92.4 x 43 x 13mm, making it tiny compared to most smartphones. It run on Android 7.0 and promises to be a fully-fledged smartphone, with the plastic shell packing a 1.1GHz processor, 1/2GB RAM, 8/16GB internal storage (expandable via microSD card slot), 4G LTE connectivity and dual-SIM capability.

The little display handles 240 x 432 resolution, which might be too little for modern applications. It also includes 2MP front-/8MP rear-facing cameras, micro USB port and Bluetooth connectivity. Powering the device is a 950mAh battery.

The Unihertz Jelly is available now.

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