Cisco Rolls Out Security Connector iOS App

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Cisco releases another result of its partnership with Apple-- Security Connector, an iOS app the company describes as a "first of its kind enterprise security solution" for iDevices.

Cisco Security ConnectorSecurity Connector monitors network traffic generated by users and applications. Designed for company-owned iDevice running in supervise mode, it makes things easier for admins, since they only need to provision a single app even as it supports two extensions, Umbrella and Clarity.

The Umbrella extension intercepts all app and user-initiated network requests, while the Clarity extension audits internet and intranet flows, providing insight into all network traffic. The result is more visibility and protection from malicious sites, with zero impact to employee mobile experiences.

"Ransomware and malware are spreading across the Internet and increasingly targeting mobile devices. Together with Apple, we are helping enterprises become the most connected, collaborative, and secure businesses in the world," Cisco adds. "With this app, we want to provide businesses with tools to meet their security, risk, and compliance requirements."

Go Now Available: Cisco Security Connector for iOS