What Are the Top Business Apps?

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According to GetApp and their September ranking, the Top 10 would be...

  1. NetSuite - Business Management Suite
  2. SurveyGizmo - Online Surveys
  3. WorkBooks - CRM
  4. Net Atlantic - Email Automation
  5. PipeJump - CRM
  6. HyperOffice - Collaboration
  7. WORKetc - CRM & Billing
  8. LiveBall - Website Optimization
  9. CompensationXL - HR & Compensation
  10. RevX Advanced Billing & Customer Care - Billing & Customer Care

You can see the next 10 on their list by using the link below.

The GetApp.com Top 20 Business Apps is based on a composite algorithm that incorporates several criteria, including listing popularity on GetApp.com, number of reviews and comments, social media presence such as Twitter and FaceBook followers, volume and quality of integration points, and input from analyst reports. The ranking is updated monthly.

OK, whenever you try to balance quantitative and qualitative factors, you do get a subjective result. But at least this is a list you can start from and decide for yourself.

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