More Apps, Less Music Downloads at iTunes

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Finnish analyst Asymco says download rates for iOS apps on iTunes will surpass music downloads. Based on data from the updated Music and App Store, the total number of app downloads has already reached the same level as that of songs in less than half the time.

Asymco concludes it took roughly 2.2 years for the App Store to serve 6.3 billion apps. It took about 5 years for the Music Store to reach that level.

Asymco thinks app downloads will overtake song downloads by year’s end as music downloads continue to slow. Asymco says iOS users are currently downloading 17.6 million apps compared to roughly 7.5 million songs per day, on average.

Great research and a clear chart but my favorite bit is in the comment section where it reports "... when the first fart app arrived it was an epiphany for me." lol

Go Asymco