Samsung Thinking Games, Video Apps

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World No.2 handset maker Samsung triples the size of its application store in many of its major European markets– and expects even more growth from Wave, its first smartphone with Bada OS.

Samsung apps were inaugurated in September 2009 and accessible by mobile phone and PC.

Germany has experienced a 100% increase while the number of applications available in the United Kingdom, France and Italy has more than tripled in just only eight months.

Associated Press, Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Handmark, MySpace, Namco Bandai, Twitter, Universal Pictures and Zagat Survey are some of the app providers.

Omar Khan, Samsung's chief strategy officer, told LightReading the core mobile applications that users turn to most often tend to the same old web applications – ESPN, Weather Channel, for instance. Khan inists no one buys a smartphone from Samsung just to get ESPN.

But the Strategy Officer thinks buyers might go to Samsung if the Android-based Galaxy S gets a reputation, say, for intense gaming graphics taking advantage of the Super AMOLED display.

What's in it for Samsung is, obviously, a proprietary app. "While the breadth of the applications out there is tremendous, the usage that's occurring is limited to a very small set of applications," says Khan.

What kinds of special applications does Samsung have in mind? One example would be Media Hub to put videos onto the Galaxy S, and advanced, super-cool games to take advantage of the AMOLED screen.

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