So That's Why Kate's Bridesmaid Was So Unhappy

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Cameras captured one unhappy little girl looking glum amid the splendor of the British royal wedding...

unhappy Bridesmaid

Probably she was thinking of her relatives abroad...

British citizens abroad who are iPad users and who watched the royal wedding faced roaming charges for watching the full YouTube broadcast outside of the UK, calculates Tru, a mobile network for international travelers who was not ashamed to take advantage of the occassion to promote its new Micro Sim for iPad.

A British person who decided "to catch just 45 minutes of the event on their iPad while soaking up the sun in Sydney or San Francisco, will rack up costs with Orange UK of an eye watering GBP 7344, the same person on a T-Mobile contract would be liable to pay GBP 6885."

Tru also says "Watching the full 8 hour BBC broadcast on YouTube's Royal channel could land Orange users a GBP 78,336 bill to welcome them home - enough to pay for Kate Middleton's dress, her tiara... and even the car that takes her to the service."

Tru, launching its Micro SIM for the iPad, wants to engage business users at only GBP 20 for the same amount of data. Now that could be a match made in heaven...


Working assumptions:

  • * - You tube broadcasts at 340 Kbps:
  • * - 45 minute YouTube video = 918MB
  • * - 8 hour YouTube video = 9.792 GB
  • * - Orange Roaming Rates in US or AUS = GBP8.00 per MB
  • * - T-Mobile Roaming Rates in US or Aus = GBP7.50 per MB


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