Mobile Net Neutrality Makes Dutch Law

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The Netherlands become the first European country (and the second country in the world) to adopt net neutrality into national law by approving a bill forcing mobile telephone operators to allow use of communications services such as Skype and WatsApp without charing extra. 

networkOnce passed through senate the Dutch law may become an example for the rest of Europe as one of the strongest net neutrality laws on record-- with analyst saying some European countries might follow the Dutch example. 

Telcos including Vodafone, T-Mobile and Royal KPN NV lobbied against the bill, claiming it might cause higher prices due to limited options in tariff differentiation. 

Last April, KPN announced plans of charging Skype and WatsApp users extra-- a move angering customers, causing politicians to move in the with law. 

Under the law, Dutch operators found violating the law could get fines of up to 10% of their annual sales. 

Chile is the only other country in the world with net neutrality laws currently in place. The EC and European Parliament endorse net neutrality guidelines, but are yet to take any legal action against operators. 

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