The Battle Over Nano-SIM

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Yet another quarrel is going on between smartphone vendors-- Apple is fighting against Motorola, RIM and Nokia over the SIM card standard the smartphones of tomorrow will using.

SIM CardApple proposes nano-SIM, which is thinner and smaller than current micro-SIMs by around 30%. It is also an Apple development, and thus makes other vendors worry Apple will be owning the patents to the technology... So much so Motorola and RIM are backing an alternate design developed by Nokia.

However "most" European operators are reportedly backing the Apple design.

The Financial Times reports both sides of the SIM arguments have tabled proposals to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)-- and the committee is set to vote on the nano-SIM matter later this week.

The SIM ETSI choses is of critical importance to future devices. For instance, the FT says nano-SIM might need a protective "drawer," while Nokia boasts its proposal has "significant technical advantages".

The FT also reports Apple is also working to boost its voting capability within ETSI by registering 6 European subsidiaries to become full members-- since subsidiaries with revenues of over €8bn can have up to 45 votes. Nokia is the current largest voting body, with around 92 votes.

Meanwhile FOSS Patents claims to have a letter from an Apple lawyer saying the company will grant royalty-free licenses to Apple patents essential to nano-SIM, should ETSI select the standard.

Either way, an all-new SIM standard (with all the new cards, adapters and carrier hassles involved) should be hitting the mobile sphere soon...

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