First 5-Megapixel Video Conferencing on Mac’s Retina Display

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Vidyo delivers 5-megapixel multipoint video conferences with data collaboration on the new MacBook Pro from Apple.

With the ability to render a mix of 1080p and 720p video streams, and up to 5MP data share for an aggregate maximum of 5 megapixels, Vidyo says its software delivers 2.5X times the pixel count of hardware telepresence systems on Apple’s latest device.

“While legacy telepresence platforms require redesign and fork-lift upgrades to take advantage of evolving technology, Vidyo’s software-based platform affords the flexibility to capitalize on new, off the shelf hardware, like the MacBook Pro with Retina™ Display, proving our ability to benefit from Moore’s Law,” says Vidyo co-founder and CEO, Ofer Shapiro. “Customers have come to expect technology that keeps pace with the emergence of new form factors in an effective and affordable way; Vidyo is the only company that consistently delivers on end-user expectations.”

The demonstration on the new MacBook Pro highlights the extensibility of Vidyo’s architecture to incorporate collaboration based on the capability of each individual end point-- all on the same Vidyo Infrastructure.

Vidyo also highlighted by the company’s latest collaboration with imaging solutions provider Barco, demonstrating the first 4K immersive video conferencing and collaboration system at InfoComm. Vidyo also recently announced HD quality, low-latency video conferencing for the new iPad with the first 3 Megapixel content share on the mobile form factor.

Go Vidyo Demos 1st 5- Megapixel Video Conferencing to the Desktop on MacBook Pro with Retina Display