Optimus 3D Hits Europe

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Optimus 3DLG launches its Optimus 3D, starting off with Europe with a launch party in Spain.

The phone itself builds on LG's own Optimus range, now with one addition-- 3D (as the name suggests). It shoots 3D photos and video (via x2 5MP lenses) while carrying a glasses-free 4.3" WVGA 3D display.

A 1GHz OMAP 4 dual-core processor powers the device.

To make up for a lack of 3D content, the phone converts 2D content into 3D-- a function currently limited to images and video, but LG has plans for future game 3Dconversion

Media sharing connections come through HDMI and DLNA interfaces.

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HTC Androids Get PowerSkins

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PowerSkinPowerSkin releases charging cases for two HTC Android smartphones-- the Inspire 4G and Desire HD. 

The black silicone skins not only act as a protective case but also provide up to twice the power in addition to the device's battery (or so the company claims, at any rate), while the design allows access for ports and camera. 

The case battery's power capacity is 1500mAH, which PowerSkin says allows for 260 mins of talk time (or 120 hrs of standby time). 

It charges through either wall socket or USB cable, and its smart technology should first charge the phone itself first. 

PowerSkin has cases for a number of other smartphones available-- including Samsung and Motorola devices, as well as the (now obligatory) iPhone 4. 

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Nokia Pushes Symbian with X7

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Nokia X7Nokia announces the X7, its latest Symbian-based smartphone, is now available. 

The X7 is the company's first 4" smartphone, with glass and stainless steel contruction and a capacitive AMOLED display (640 x 360 resolution).

It runs Symbian's latest iteration, Anna, which Nokia says provides a fluid user experience. It carries an 8MP full focus camera with dual LED flash and 720p video recording capability. 

Connectivity comes through wifi and 2G/3G.

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LG Mobile Goes 3D

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LG Optimus 3DLG unveils its first 3D smartphone at Mobile World Congress-- the Optimus 3D.

The handset's 4.3" 3D toucscreen carries glasses-free 3D-- with the effect extending to the UI, using the set's applied parallax barrier technology. It also allows users to record 3D video (via 2 cameras on the back), and an included Youtube 3D video app allows for easy content uploading.

Inside the set is a dual-core 1GHz TI OMAP 4 chip, together with a PowerVR SGX540 graphics chip. Meanwhile Android is the OS of choice.

It also carries a number of connectivity options, including HDMI and DLNA.

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Playstation Phone Up Close and Personal

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Playstation PhoneVideos of Ericsson's much rumoured "Playstation Phone" surface online, if in blurry form on a Greek blog.

In translation, the phone's name is Z1 (Zeus) and runs Android 2.3, with a 4" screen and 8MP camera. What makes the device special is the joypad control, complete with Playstation-style shoulder buttons.

It is said the phone carries a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 chip, 512MB RAM, 1GB ROM and supports microSD cards.

In 2 close-up videos one can see a Playstation icon on the screen. Sony are supposed to open an App store-style offering games for the device.

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Watch Playstation Phone Closeup videos