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Chinese "Cloud-Based" Mobile OS to Get English Release

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Chinese mobile OS Aliyun OS will get the English language treatment treatment this month, according to a company executive speaking to Reuters.

AlibabaAliyun OS creators Alibaba Group is currently also in talks with global hardware vendors for possible partnerships using the OS, even if it declines to give details.

The company will also launch a tablet (presumably for the Chinese market) within the next 2 months.

Announced last August, the Aliyun OS is a Linux-based OS handling both both webapps (Javascript and HTML 5) and Android apps while synching user data on the cloud.

Go Alibaba to Release English Mobile OS this Month (Reuters)

Go China's "Cloud-Based" Mobile OS

Samsung: Not Interested in Buying webOS

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Bloomberg reports Samsung will "never" buy webOS, CEO Choi Gee Sung tells the press at IFA 2011-- with Samsung spokesman Nam Ki Yung echoing the sentiment from Seoul. 

SamsungThe confirmation comes in response to analysts saying Samsung was planning to make a webOS deal with HP. 

A number of analysts speculate Samsung is not the only company showing intersest in the Palm OS-- Facebook and HTC might be planning to open their wallets. 

Choi continues saying “it’s not right that acquiring an operating system is becoming a fashion.”  

Samsung already has its own mobile OS after all-- Bada-- and is working “harder than people outside think” on software for it. Not to mention it is also working on Android and Windows Phone 7 devices...

Go Samsung Electronics Would "never" Pursue Purchase of webOS, Says CEO (Bloomberg)

Android: Malware's #1 Target

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McAfee's Q2 2011 threat report points out Android-based malware is "the most popular target for mobile malware developers," vastly outnumbering attacks on other mobile operating systems. 

Malware attacks on Android outnumber the second placing OS (Java Micro Edition) by over 300%. 

Mobile Malware

It's interesting to note iOS device malware attacks are so minimal McAffee fails to even report their number. 

Mobile malware numbers in general are steadily on the rise-- with threats targetting exploits, employing botnet functionality and using rootkit features for stealth and permanence. 

The most popular means to distribute malware remains malicious modified apps, including corrupt versions of legitimate apps. 

McAfee says the following malware files are the most common-- Jmsonez, Smsmecap.A, DroidKungFu and DrdDreamLite.

Go McAfee Quartely Threat Report Q2 2011

The Belle of the Symbian Ball

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Following a teaser campaign on Monday Nokia announces its latest Symbian update-- Belle, the successor to Anna, coming on 3 new devices launching on Q3 2011.

Symbian BelleBelle brings single-tap NFC sharing and pairing to Nokia phones-- enabling data sharing and pairing with NFC-enabled devices (such as speakers or headsets) by touching devices together.

The update also increases the number of home screens, alongside tweaks on web browsing, widgets and notification access.

The announcement includes 3 new Nokia handsets-- the 700, 701 and 600 models.

Nokia says the 700 is its smallest smartphone, the 701 has its brightest ever display (with a 3.5" IPS LCD with ClearBlack tech and Gorilla Glass) and the 600 is a music-centric model Nokia says is its loudest yet (with 106 phons of sound).

The Belle update will also eventually show up on other phones-- specifically the N8, E6, E7, C6-01, C7 and X7.

Go Nokia Symbian Belle

China's "Cloud-Based" Mobile OS

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Your customers demand an Android/iOS/Windows Phone 7 alternative? China's Alibaba Group might have the solution-- Aliyun OS, a cloud-based mobile OS. 

Aliyun OSIt will debut this September, on a China-only smartphone with a mouthful of a title-- the K-Touch Cloud-Smart Phone W700.

Aliyun itself is Linux-based, and can handle both webapps (Javascript and HTML 5) and Android apps (via proprietary emulation layer). It also syncs all user data (music, apps, files, mesages and photos) on the cloud-- with Alibaba offering 100GB of online storage. 

Users can even access synced data on both Aliyun handsets and PCs. 

Alibaba also has future plans for putting the OS in "other devices", including larger-screen phones and tablets. Those finding Aliyun OS intriguing might have to move to China though-- no word on its becoming available over here as yet. 

Go Alibaba Cloud Computing Unveils Mobile Cloud OS