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LG to MeeGo?

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MeeGo LGAs Nokia steps away from Intel's MeeGo project, other handset makers are set to fill in its shoes-- including LG. 

Reuters reports LG's joining a working group including the likes of ZTE and China Mobile. Its task? Developing a handset version of the OS. 

Nokia was supposed to roll out MeeGo-based devices by this year, but is currently concentrating on Windows Phone instead, following its partnership with MS. 

Will MeeGo have any chance in an already overcrowded smartphone market? One will have to wait later this year,  when actual MeeGo devices-- possibly from LG-- should hit the market. 

Go MeeGo Sees Interests from Others After Nokia Shift

Google Gelato?

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Will Google merge its smartphone (Gingerbread) and tablet (Honeycomb) OS codebases with Google TV's, creating its next mobile OS iteration named after a sweet summery treat? That's what the rumour mill is saying, according to various sites' "reliable" tipsters. 

Google SundaeFinal confirmation of such rumours shouldn't be too far away, either-- supposedly at Google I/O developers conference on May 10th/11th. 

Throwing more oil (or maybe sugar?) into the rumour fire is Google's recent decision to turn its "Google Doodle" into, well, ice cream on April 3rd. The company says it was only to mark the 119th anniversary of the ice cream sundae's invention. Others insist of its being confirmation of Ice Cream OS' invention. 

Either way, confirmation-- or lack thereof-- will come on May. Ice cream season will be closer by that time, if anything. 

Go Google TV to Become Part of Android Code Branch?

WebOS Goes Tablet-- but is it Enough?

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HP introduces its strategy for WebOS-- optimising the OS for tablets, just alongside the revealing of its TouchPad tablet.

HP TouchpadThe TouchPad (to be available in summer 2011) carries a 9.7" touchscreen and a Snapdragon dual-core CPU. It also features connectivity with other WebOS devices, such as the Veer and Pre3.

The new WebOS framework (called Enyo), is also sounding interesting. Relying on web-based technologies, HP says it allows for new WebOS apps to automatically stretch between different screen resolutions without any issues.

New WebOS apps can also run in a PC browser-- without an emulator or OS install.

Also showing at Mobile World Congress is a new version of HP's App Catalog-- also tablet friendly, with a magazine-style interface and streamlined payment options.

HP's vision for its WebOS ecosystem does sound impressive on paper, even if noone's got their hands on the actual TouchPad tablet yet (outside of HP itself). But will it be enough to rival Android 3.0 and RIM's Playbook? WebOS does appear to offer a fluid user experience for customers, alongside real-time cloud syncing across devices, but a lot remains unknown. Meanwhile, the Touchpad's specifications impress, but only just.

Ultimately it an increasingly saturated tablet market-- with Google, RIM, and now HP all wanting a slice of Apple's pie (and who knows what Apple will have up its iSleeve?), the tablet war will be fought over more than simply hardware specs.

Go HP TouchPad

Has the Window Closed for Microsoft's Phone 7?

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Steve Ballmer is one of those guys who just can't hide a mood. Probably a terrible poker player. Which is why-- when Microsoft is crowing about Kinect sales-- that the refusal to provide Windows Phone 7 sales figures is damning.Ballmer and Phone7

UK store deal aggregator MobilesPlease says Phone 7 has accounted for just 3% of their smartphone sales, with Android outselling WP7 handsets 15:1. With 800,000 visitors to their sites, you have to take this report seriously.

The site says Symbian devices outsold Windows Phone 7 handsets by 3:1, with one device (Nokia N8) outselling all WP7 devices from a variety of manufacturers.

They even questioned one Carphone Warehouse store who claimed no Windows Phone 7 devices were on the sales floor. That's 0 for sale, that's nada to the cash register. Although the store did volunteer they “might have one in the back.” They probaly would have Palm PDAs back in storage if thet went looking....

That report makes sense as Carphone Warehouse corporate just announced they believe Android will be their best seller in their 2000+ European stores in this all-important Q4. That drops Nokia down a peg after decade of sales leadership.

CPW has the exclusive contract to sell the newest Google-branded phone, the Nexus S, which will go on sale this month with Android 2.3 software, the "Gingerbread".

Meanwhile, retailers and operators report Microsoft's Phone 7 phones, released in October, have seen disappointing sales due to product shortages, consumer confusion and (in UK) rivalry between networks over co-branding with Orange.

CPW chief commercial officer, Graham Stapleton says, "Customers tell us that being able to have a choice, being able to personalise their choice of phone is a key difference about Android compared to some of the other platforms out there."

Microsoft's relaunch of its mobile offering through the Windows Phone 7 devices is off to a slow start. Stapleton says sales "haven't yet met expectations." He actually hopes the platform would grow in popularity. "It would be healthy for customers if Microsoft were here, too."

Better hang up now. Ballmer is not going to be pleased.

Go MobilesPlease

Symbian Benefits from EU Million Injection

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The EC gives €11 million to the Symbian Foundation, as its Artemis joint technology initiative endorses the ailing platform.

Symbian FoundationThe SYMBEOSE ("Symbian-- the Embedded Operating System for Europe") consortium contributes the same amount-- meaning  €22 million worth of investment, with half from EU taxpayers' money.

The consortium consists of 24 organisations from 8 EU countries.

The funds will be used to develop new core platform capabilities in power efficiency and system optimisation, alongside new asymmetrical multiprocessing techniques and cloud capabilities.

R&D in future mobile platforms and embedded devices will also feature.

This news surely brings some cheer to the Symbian Foundation-- 2010 didn't show the Foundation too much favour (CEO Lee Williams' resigned, Sony Ericsson and Samsung abdicated, and Nokia leans on its Qt and MeeGo projects.)

Go Euromillions for the Symbian Ecosystem

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