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Motorola Solutions Takes on Device Management

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Motorola Mobility launches Mobility Lifecycle Management (MLM)-- an enterprise solution taking care of lifecycle management for the mobile devices in use by organisations. 

MotorolaMLM offers platform-agnostic lifecycle management across Windows Mobile, iOS and Android devices from a large number of device makers, speeding rollout and providing support for mobile device and application planning. 

In addition it supports deployment, management, service desk, repairs and reporting, and analysis. 

A browser-based management portal allows customers to check operations and performance measures, while customer-specific service-level agreements govern performance. 


Turning iDevices into Security Cameras

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People Power finds use for any spare iPads, iPhones or iPods your customers might have-- it releases Presence, an app turning iDevices into wireless home-monitoring cameras.

Presence iPadThe app allows users to set one device as a video camera while another acts as a monitor, with the "camera" device providing a live feed to the "monitor" over wifi.

Further options include motion detection (the app records a 5-second clip once it detects motion before sending an email alert), simple if/then security camera programming, face-to-face 2-way audio and multiple device support.

"Presence rocks the home automation industry as the first free, self-installable camera and service," People Power claims.

Also included in the app is a list of available accessories-- including stands, tripods, extra-long cables and extra chargers. People Power is also looking into deals with accessory makers before eventually turning the app into a control point for further connected devices around the home.

The Presence app is a free download in the Apple App store.

Go People Power Presence

Huawei Intros iOS Telepresence Control

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Huawei launches the TP Controller-- an app offering allowing customers to control Huawei telepresence products via iOS devices.

TP ControllerUsing the same UI as Huawei's Android-based telepresence system, the TP Controller provides an easy-to-navigate system for video conferencing system management and control.  

Users can also customise personal configurations through the app. 

The TP Controller is available from the App Store and compatible with TP1102 and RP series products, as well as future tri-screen telepresence system versions. 

Go Huawei Launches iOS Telepresence Touch Control System

Facebook Reveals Home, Not Smartphone

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Mark Zuckerberg takes the stage and unveils an Facebook mobile strategy involving apps, not devices-- specifically "Facebook Home," an Android homescreen replacement app centered around the social network. 

Facebook HomeIn other words, Facebook kills all rumours and hearsay by wanting to turn every Android device into the once mythical "Facebook Phone."

"A great phone might sell 10 or 20 million units at best," Zuckerberg says at the Home launch event. "Our community as more than 1 billion people in it. Even if we did a good job selling a phone, we would only be serving 1 to 2% of our community and we want to do more than that."

Home comes complete with a rafter of neologisms-- there's Coverfeed (a rotating, visual Facebook news feed occupying the homescreen), Chatheads (handles chatting duties, believe it or not), App Launcher (allows one to view favourite non-Facebook apps) and App Drawer (an "all apps" screen replacement). 


iPhone App Puts Film in the Academy Awards

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Sugar Man

Searching For Sugar Man is a Swedish-British documentary film that follows two Cape Town fans who want to find out if the rumored death of American musician Sixto Rodriguez was true. Rodriguez's music never took off in the United States but had become wildly popular in South Africa.

The film earned a nomination for Best Documentary at this year’s Academy Awards— only thanks to an iPhone app. Really.

Filmed in 8mm, the movie ran out of funding with a few scenes yet to be shot.

Director Malik Bendjelloul reached out to his iPhone and loaded a $1.99 app (8mm Vintage Camera) to finish the final scenes of his documentary.

That last video footage blends in very well from the scenes recorded on expensive 8mm film—well enough that this documentary already won the Best Documentary category at the 2013 BAFTA awards, and the Special Jury Prize and the Audience Award for best international documentary at the Sundance Film Festival and more…

GO Nexvio's 8mm Camera (app)