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BlackBerry Gets Trend Micro Security

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Following the BlackBerry 10 launch the company formerly known as RIM teams up with Trend Micro to provide customers with security against malware and privacy issues relating to 3rd party apps. 

Trend Micro BlackBerryTherefore as part of a "multi-level and phased approach for addressing privacy implications and security concerns" BlackBerry now uses Trend Micro's Mobile Application Reputation service to scan both current and future apps submitted to the BlackBerry World storefront. 

The Mobile Application Reputation service is a cloud-based tool for mobile platforms designed to analyse app code and behavior in order to identify threats and data risks, as well as detect battery, memory and data resource abuse.

Mobile malware is on the rise-- even if the vast majority of said malware targets the vast, wild Android landscape rather than the BlackBerry platform. Then again the partnership does help raise both vendors' profile as they push further into the enterprise mobility segment. 

Go BlackBerry Works with Trend Micro

RIM Prepares BES 10

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Just a week before the BlackBerry 10 launch RIM makes the latest version of its enterprise mobility management solution, BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) 10, available for download. 

BESBES unites device management, security and app management for all BlackBerry devices, and provides a single web-based console for BlackBerry, Android and iOS device management.

The solution supports both business-owned and BYOD deployments within mixed environments, with Balance technology separating work apps and data from personal content on BlackBerry devices. 

RIM also reveals further enterprise plans for BlackBerry 10-- BlackBerry World for Work, a corporate app store allowing organisations to manage apps for employees. 

Managers can also set work profiles on employee devices, with access to specific content to specific people and groups. 

BES 10 is available as a free download, with new users getting a limited 60-day free trial. Existing users can sign up for a free license trade up program. 

Go BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Now Available for Download

Amazon Fires Salvo at iTunes Business

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Amazon takes a carefully aimed shot at the iTunes dominance over on-iDevice music sales with the launch of an online store selling 22 million mp3s on a specially formatted HTML5 mobile website. 

Amazon mp3 itunesOptimised to run on iOS Safari, the Amazon MP3 Store dodges the 30% fee Apple charges on iOS in-app purchases. Songs purchased this way do not get added automatically to iDevice music libraries, but users can sync mp3s via PC iTunes. 

Users can also download and listen purchases on the Amazon Cloud Player app (also available on Android devices). 

“Since the launch of the Amazon Cloud Player app for iPhone and iPod Touch, a top request from customers has been the ability to buy music from Amazon right from their devices,” Amazon says. 

Your move, Apple. 

Go Amazon MP3 Store Optimised for iPhone and iPod Touch

Windows 8 Tablets Fly Emirates

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The famous Emirates in-flight customer experience gets a hi-tech addition-- the airline's crew members now carry Windows 8 tablets to keep track of passenger needs. 

Emirates bedThe tablets (the HP ElitePad 900 is the model of choice) carry Knowledge Driven Inflight Service (KIS), a proprietary app providing touch-based access to passenger preferences (such as meals or seating positions) to the 24-strong cabin crews on each flight. 

Before flights pursers brief cabin crews through the tablets, and in turn crews can enter "voyage reports" after each flight. Reports then sync from landed aircraft to airline teams and executives.

Why did Emirates choose Windows 8 instead of the current tablet leader, the iPad? KIS is the chief reason. The software has been around since the early 2000s (running on HP Compaq T1100 laptops), and Emirates preferred to update it into a Windows 8 app instead of porting to a different operating systems.  


Citrix Takes on BYOD Trend

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Virtualisation vendor Citrix takes a stab at the current BYOD trend and acquires mobile device management (MDM) specialist Zenprise for an undisclosed sum. 

Citrix ZenpriseZenprise offerings include MDM solution Zenprise MobileManagement and its cloud-based version, Zencloud. Both products perform up-front device checks and block enterprise network access to "unmanaged," jailbroken or out of compliance devices. 

Citrix will integrate both within its own CloudGateway and Me@Work product once the acquisition is complete-- a combination the company claims will create "the first solution in the industry for managing mobile devices, apps and data from a single, integrated enterprise mobility product line."

Go Citrix Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Zenprise