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Apple Retail VP Resigns

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Apple VP of retail and potential division SVP candidate Jerry McDougal resigns, the company confirms to AllThingsD, as the search for a new head of Apple retail continues.

Jerry McDougalReplacing McDougal is 15-year Apple veteran and VP of finance Jim Bean.

The company gives no reasons for McDougal's resignation, and unnamed sources only say he wants to "spend more time with his family."

“Retail has an incredibly strong network of leaders at the store and regional level, and they will continue the excellent work they’ve done over the past decade to revolutionize retailing with unique, innovative services and a focus on the customer that is second to none,” an Apple statement says.

In the meantime the company continues searching for a head of retail following the ousting of former Dixons CEO John Browett, the replacement to "Genius Bar" creator Ron Johnson. Browett reportedly issued a number of unpopular orders in order to create a "leaner" Apple retail operation in the name of boosted profits-- only Apple does not want a cadre of unhappy Geniuses messing up its famed retail "experience."

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Traxpay: Software That Disrupts Banking

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Finally B2B gets a payments platform that matches the internet age.

TraxpayNo one loves a bank except bankers and bank robbers. And sometimes not even the bankers.

The founder of Traxpay worked for Deutsche Bank for more than 10 years. There, in the Payments Department, in the middle of the profitable B2B payments section, one could make a good bank career churning out bank profits-- if one could suffer the typical complaints and frustrations of customers.

The banks, not just Deutsche Bank for sure, but all banks today give a horribly antiquated service, a service that basically ignores the needs of quickened supply chains. A service that's slow by modern internet-enabled business standards... and yet expensive by any standard.

Think about how long it still takes bank transfers. Our own bank, for example, still charges 24 euro if you would like a 24-hour guaranteed transfer. Another one of our banks takes three days to clear an incoming transfer. All this aggravation and cost still prevails in the age of internet, the era of simultaneous communication.

We are lulled into expecting this low level of service because banks are incumbent in a business designed long before internet. Yet all of our businesses are tied to banks from birth by an invisible umbilical cord.


How Can Retailers Fight Showrooming?

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According to a recent IDC survey the current "showrooming" trend will affect up to $1.7 billion in 2012 holiday retail sales in the US. How can retailers take the upper hand in the fight for customer spending?

ShowroomingShowrooming involves the use of internet-connected mobile devices while shopping, be it for price comparisons or simply checking specs, descriptions and reviews.

The IDC survey is based on 1000 online consumers, and estimates around 48 million US-based shoppers (one can safely assume European shoppers will mirror the trend) will showroom during the holiday season-- a 134% Y-o-Y increase, since 20.5m shoppers showroomed in 2011 according to the analyst.

The showroomer numbers will only grow in the future, reaching 59m in 2013, 29m in 2014 and 78m in 2015.


Just 6 Months: Apple Chops Retail Head

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Head of Apple retail, John Browett, is OUT, just 6 months after the former Dixons CEO was hand-picked by Tim Cook in a very publicised move involving a golden "Hello" of $55 million spread over 5 years.


The company gives no reason behind the ousting of Browett, but back in August the Wall Street Journal reported Browett introduced a "new staffing formula" to Apple Stores-- an unpopular strategy involving the slashing of hourly shifts and staff numbers.

According to IFO Apple Store, Browett felt the stores were "too bloated" with employees and was willing to create a "leaner" operation in the name of boosted profits. It's traditional retail thinking that made Browett a hit in his jobs at Tesco and Dixons Stores Group.


Samsung Take on Retail Looks... Familiar

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Samsung takes on N. American retai for the first timel with a Samsung Store at Burnaby's Metropolis in Metrotown, Vancouver-- a retail outlet with a look you will surely find very, very familiar.

Samsung StoreThe store showcases all familiar Samsung offerings (Galaxy smartphones, tablets, TVs) on large tables, with working examples for customers to test and play with.

Meanwhile employees (in blue Samsung colours) either march around the clean, minimalist 140 square-metre interior or stand one-on-one customer care stations. Yes, it seems someone learnt a lesson (or three) from... well, you can guess from whom, right?

Why Vancouver, though? Apparently Samsung sees the store as a "legacy" of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, where the mobile maker was an official partner.

Samsung is already involved in lawsuits over alleged iDevice imitation. Will Apple now sue Samsung being too "inspired" by its Stores' interior design?

Watch Samsung Store Opening, Metro Vancouver