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Open Bottles With an iPhone

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iOpenerWest|280's product is admittedly rather simple-- it's an iPhone case with an added bottle cap remover. Thus, iOpener.

The product comes as a polymer alloy case with what the company describes as a "14 gauge, 304 food grade stainless steel opener". Thankfully one can retract the opener back into a slot when not in use.

In other words, it's something of a novelty for parties and the like as a (wait for it) eye opener, even if models are currently only compatible with the iPhone 3 and below (and available in either white or black).

It also comes with BevConX, an app one can use to keep track of what is being opened and creates notifications on Facebook or Twitter (with an added geolocation feature).

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Samsung (already) Slims Down Galaxy Tab

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It appears Samsung did take the iPad2 challenge seriously-- the company announces an upgrade to its Galaxy Tab 10.1 at CTIA 2011, hardly a month after its Mobile World Congress unveiling.

galaxy tablNow the company claims the tablet is now the world's thinnest-- measuring 256.6 x 172.9 x 8.6mm. It's also slightly lighter than the model shown at Barcelona, at 595g (compared to the iPad2, whose thickness comes at 8.8mm and weighs 601g).

Specifications remain the same-- a 1280 x 800 multitouch display, 1GHz dual-core processor, stereo speakers and carrying Flash support. What's new is Samsung's TouchWiz UI alongside the Honeycomb OS.

Also new is the Galaxy Tab 8.9 awkwardly named after, well, its 8.9" screen (compared to the original Galaxy Tab's 7" screen). Its insides are similar to the 10.1 version's, with a dual-core processor and Honeycomb (also complete with TouchWiz).

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3G and Tablets: A Booming Combination

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tabletTablets carrying 3G/4G technology will make over 50% of tablets sold globally by 2015, Park Associates predicts-- 68 out of 126m.

Customers are increasingly engaging in social networking, uploading photos online and watching online video on mobile devices-- all data-intensive services. Thus it only makes sense for tablets (with their increased visual and computing capabilities) to offer the same mobile internet capability.

Park Associates' report says 3G subscribers will double over the next 5 years-- account for over 47% of W.w. mobile subscribers. An additional 5% will subscribe to 4G services.

The analyst recommends carriers optimise their networks' performance, be more selective with their mobile platform subsidising and monetise wifi assets in order to remain profitable-- while fitting customers' needs with more flexible pricing options.

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Apple Causes Fray with Second iPad

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Surprising exactly no one Apple unveils its second iPad, with CEO Steve Jobs halting his current leave of absence (due to health reasons) to take to the stage for the announcement.

ipad2The improvements on the original come as expected-- thinner, lighter, 1 GHz dual-core A5 chip, HDMI connectivity (through separate dongle, of course), x2 cameras and a choice of colours (black or... white).

One can easily say Apple hasn't done enough with the new tablet; the screen's resolution and IPS LCD technology remain the same (whereas Motorola's Gingerbread-powered Xoom has a higher-resolution screen), it lacks an SD card slot, the company's infamous 30-pin connectors continue handling connections and maximum storage size remains 64GB.

The new iPad's true winners? Its Taiwanese manufacturers, including sole assemblers Hon Hai, glass-based touchscreen module manufacturers TPK and Wintek and camera manufacturer Largan.

Some might describe Apple's competition as the losers, especially if taking Jobs' describing the likes of Samsung and RIM as "flumoxed" and "copycats" at face value. Others would differ, but reports already emerge of Samsung being in a bit of a panic-- Samsung's mobile division executive VP Lee Don-joo tells Korea's Yonhap News his company "...will have to improve the parts that are inadequate..." in reference to the soon released Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Meanwhile the iPad2 will hit (Apple) stores on March 11, with all the news stories on store queues that will entail.

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Flying HTC Announces Tablet

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HTC FlyerThe HTC Flyer is the next in a whole series of Android tablets at Mobile World Congress 2011-- one with a 7" touchscreen and HTC Sense technology.

Under the hood is a 1.5GHz processor and 32GB worth of storage space (expandable via microSD). It carries the standard 2 cameras (1.3MP front and 5MP back), a number of sensors (ambient light, g-sensor and compass), micro-USB port and HSPA+ connectivity.

The Flyer does have 2 tricks up its sleeve-- a pen stylus with "Scribe" technology allowing for handwriting recognition, SRS surround sound and OnLive integration (the cloud-based gaming service whose company HTC purchased recently).

It should be available sometime "early 2011".

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