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Gartner: 2% Growth for 2018 Device Shipments

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Global PC, tablet and smartphone shipments are to reach 2.35 billion units in 2018, Gartner reports-- a 2% increase over 2017, the highest growth rate since 2015.

The analyst also has the results of an online survey of users in the US, UK, Germany, China and India. It shows users still do a lot tasks on PCs, with 40% of respondents using PCs or tablets for certain daily tasks (such as reading or writing detailed emails, or watching video), while 34% use a smartphone for the convenience while on the move.

Gartner device market q3 2017

However users continue holding on to PCs for longer, even as they replace smartphones on a more frequent basis. As a result, traditional PC shipments are forecast to decline by -4.4% in 2018, while mobile phones will grow by 2.4%. The PC market does have a bright spot in PC business shipments returning to growth by end 2017, thanks to faster Windows 10 replacements in regions such as W. Europe.


Kantar Worldpanel: iOS Gains Share in Mainland Europe

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Apple gains smartphone OS share in the 5 biggest European markets in the 3 months ending August 2017, Kantar Worldpanel reports-- specifically an increase of 1.2% Y-o-Y, as held back by Great Britain.

Samsung iPhoneAccording to the analyst, while Germany, France, Italy and Spain post iOS growth, Samsung boosted Android growth in Great Britain as the Galaxy S8 and J8 sold well while the flagship Apple smartphones lost momentum ahead to the new iPhone announcement. That said, the decline was "offset slightly" by strong iPhone SE sales.

“Samsung took full advantage of the weeks just before the iPhone 8 and iPhone X were released in Great Britain, with significant promotional activity that helped drive its overall share to a three-year high of 38.4% for the three months ending August 2017,”  Kantar says. “More than 1 in 4 Galaxy S8 buyers cited a specific promotion as a key purchase influencer, and almost half said that a good deal on the price of the phone was key to their purchase. Both of these metrics experienced a large increase over the last 2 months of the period.”


IDC: Tablet Decline Slows in Q2 2017

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According to IDC, the tablet market continued to slide downwards in Q2 2017-- global shipments total 37.9 million, a -3.4% Y-o-Y decline, despite notable product launches such as the new, lower priced iPad.

Not even detachable tablets could save the quarter, as customers prefer to wait for upcoming product refreshes from the high-profile likes of Apple and Microsoft. That said, new product launches towards the end of Q2 should leave detachables in a stronger position on H2 2017.

IDC Q2 2017 tablets

"There's been a resetting of expectations for detachables as competing convertible notebooks offered a convincing and familiar computing experience for many," the analyst remarks. "To date, the 2-in-1 market was bifurcated as Apple and Microsoft led with detachables while the PC vendors led with convertibles. Though that is slowly changing as smartphone vendors and traditional PC vendors begin to offer compelling alternatives, the pace has been rather slow as Surface and iPad Pro still dominate shelf space and mindshare."


IDC: Q2 2017 Smartphone Volumes "Slightly" Down

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IDC reports global smartphone shipments total 341.6 million in Q2 2017-- a decline of -1.3% on a Y-o-Y basis, and by -0.8% following a higher-than-expected Q1 2017.

However, despite such a drop in shipments all leading vendors continue seeing positive shipment growth. Samsung and Apple market share remains "relatively" consistent from Q2 2016, while the other 3 vendors making the top 5 (namely Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi) see share growth.

IDC mobile phones

"In my opinion, the biggest change in Q2 2017 is the size of the contraction among the 'Others' outside of the top 5 OEMs," the analyst says. "It's no secret that the smartphone market is a very challenging segment for companies to maintain or grow share, especially as already low average selling prices declined by another -4.3% in 2016. The smaller, more localized vendors will continue to struggle, especially as the leading volume drivers build out their portfolio into new markets and price segments."


Gartner: 2017 Device Shipments Essentially Flat

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Gartner forecasts global shipments of PCs, tablets and smartphones to reach 2.3 billion in 2017-- a -0.3% decline from 2016, with the market expected to return to slight growth in 2018 with a 1.6% shipment increase.

"Overall, the shipment growth of the device market is steady for the first time in many years," the analyst says. "PC shipments are slightly lower while phone shipments are slightly higher-- leading to a slight downward revision in shipments from the previous forecast."

Gartner market

As one might expect, PC shipments remain on the decline, with 2017 dropping by -3%. However such decline is slower than in recent years, thanks to Windows 10 replacement purchasing. The prices of components such as DRAM and SSDs continue to increase, creating headwinds for the global PC market and (to a lesser extent) the smartphone market. Manufacturers are absorbing at least some of the impact of PC component prices, due to fears that a PC price increase will reduce their share of a competitive market.