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Maxroam Wins TechCrunch Europa Award

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TechCrunch awards Maxroam the best hardware startup prize at its 2010 Europa's (European startup awards for European and EMEA tech companies).

MaxroamMaxroam offers SIM cards customers can use globally, together with a low-cost roaming service. The service covers over 230 countries, and Maxroam says it reduces voice call, SMS and data costs by up to 70%.

Customers know exactly how much they spend via online real-time billing check.

The SIM can be used in any standard GSM mobile phone, smartphone or mobile broadband modem.

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Operators Lead to Apple iPhone Plan Axing

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Apple gives up on its sim-free iPhone plans due to operator pressure, the UK Telegraph reports

Apple iPhoneThe California tech giant hoped to move away from its exclusive carrier  partnerships (like Vodafone, O2 and Telefonica) via programmable sim card that would allow iPhone buyers to pick any service provider they want.

However operators threaten to withold iPhone subsidies-- leaving Apple no choice but to kill the idea (for now, at least).

Apple wants to build closer relationships with customers-- and cut out operators.

Rumours persist Apple will bring out an integrated-sim iPad in either the run-up to Christmas or early 2011.

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