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Meet the Mobislyder

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It must be the season for portable dollies that fit phones, cameras…as we wrote about another one last month.

 mobislyder Meet Glidetrack’s mobislyder, an ultraportable camera slider that allows you to create cinematic videos using your portable video device.

The mobislyder aims at iPhone users but also supports other phones and compact cameras.

“For years sophisticated-looking camera moves were only available to the pros that had big video budgets,” the company says. “But now, with most camera devices capable of shooting HD video, mobislyder allows you to take smooth tracking shots fit for the silver screen —all with the sweep of a finger.”

The mobislyder retail in USA will sell for $175.

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A New Standard to Connect Mobiles to HDTV?

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MHLA new consortium proposes manufacturers start using its specification for the connection of mobile devices to HDTVs-- MHL (mobile high-definition link).

Optimised for mobile devices, the proposed connection uses an inexpensive thin cable with a 5-pin interface, using established connectors. It should support up to 1080p HD video and digital audio while also powering up the connected mobile device. Users will also be able to control MHL-enabled mobile devices through a MHL-enabled HDTV's remote.

Demnostrated at February's Mobile World Congress 2011, the standard's promoters includes Nokia, Samsung, Silicon Image, Sony and Toshiba. The MHL consortium is also looking for companies wanting to become adopters.


Multi-Party Video Conferencing Through any Device

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Fyze oresebceFuze Box demonstrates its Presence video conferencing technology at Mobile World Congress 2011-- shown off on Motorola's Xoom tablet. 

Presence allow online meetings from any device-- from Android tablets to laptops, desktops and iDevices (with iPad users logging in and watching the meeting's live video screen). Users can start meeting from either web browser or Fuze app. 

The technology includes VoIP, screen sharing, content sharing and a set of collaboration tools-- while the company says it delivers 720p video with under 200ms for 8 conference participants.

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First Multi-Party TV-Quality Video Conferencing on Smart Phones and Tablets

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Elisa vidyo

A 1.5 billion euro telecommunications provider in the Nordic countries, with 2 million consumers regionally and around 150,000 corporate customers and public administrations internationally, Elisa says its multiparty videoconferencing solution for tablets and smartphones is the first of its kind in the world.

Based on technology developed by Vidyo, Elisa's Android application enables their corporate customers to participate in telepresence video conferences via smartphones and tablet computers.

In addition to calls between two parties, the new application also allows for multiparty video conferencing meetings between several participants using PCs, room systems or smartphones and tablet computers.

As of 1st December 2010, this video conferencing application is available for the Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy S by Samsung, and the application is compatible with WLAN and Elisa's 3G and 4G networks.

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Go Elisa, Vidyo-based conferencing

Kalisto Unifies Desktop & Mobile Conferencing

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With so many contenders wrestling each other to control desktop endpoints, videoconferencing seems to have lost track of the bigger battle: integrating desktop video with mobile video users.

Now Damaka, a specialist in mobile video and unified communications, launches Kalisto to unite the two.

Kalisto conference

Siva Chaturvedi, CEO of Damaka, says, "Videoconferencing companies have forgotten collaboration is the higher umbrella, a higher level than video by itself." As Chaturvedi sees it, the goal is to further collaboration, not just place video phone calls.

While current telepresence solutions target medium and high end businesses, Kalisto positions itself as very cost effective (by an order of magnitude) by using patented P2P "Direct Peering" technology and by not requiring sophisticated or proprietary hardware (demanded by some of the competitive solutions).

For example, Kalisto's architecture is standards-based (does not require a media server) and can use the existing infrastructure including the HD web camera.

The Kalisto solution can connect to systems that are RTP based SIP end points – and it can mix and match HD with non-HD endpoint sources – a clear differentiator in the market.

Kalisto software can work with Polycom, Tandberg/Cisco endpoints to create a HD videocall and collaboration solution. Whereas most systems today drop HD quality to the lowest common denominator (like a mobile video call), Kalisto allows you to see the mobile video caller at its native resolution while viewing the desktop video caller at in its original HD.

"We believe the price point is critical," says Chaturvedi. He set the price point, without volume considerations which would apply, at $500 per endpoint. That makes Kalisto an affordable HD conference solution for SOHO, SMB and enterprise that is bandwidth friendly and supports HD, SD, LD video.

Video share

A new telepresence platform that overcomes cost barriers to provide high quality, yet affordable conferencing on desktops, laptops and mobile endpoints (smartphones and tablets), Kalisto has a management application which emulates office room concepts, provides an intuitive interface and enhances the experience of the meetings.

The solution can be customized to match the business processes and culture of the user organizations.

According to the 2010 Cisco Visual Networking Index, mobile video is projected to represent 66% of all mobile data traffic by 2014, increasing 66X from 2009 to 2014.

Damaka is betting that mobile is the Trojan Horse that can carry Kalisto inside the gates that keep videoconferencing fenced off and in the castlekeep of large enterprises.

If Cisco's prediction is true...and with the industry's first mobile endpoint integration with enterprise video systems...Damaka's Kalisto may indeed hold the key differentiator that video conferencing needs to create the much coveted dream of videoconferencing in day-to-day use in every size of business..

Go Kalisto, the industry's first mobile endpoint integration for enterprise conferencing