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New Adaptive Streaming Standard

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A diverse group of technology leaders announce the creation of the DASH Promoters Group dedicated to driving the broad adoption of MPEG's DASH (dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP) standard.

Reacting to the dramatic growth of Internet video, DASH defines a universal delivery format to provide end users with the best-possible video experience and dynamically adapts to changing network conditions during video streaming to devices.

It incorporates all of the best elements of proprietary adaptive streaming solutions designed to solve the classic issues users see when they stream video: intermittent stalls, poor video quality under changing network conditions, and significant video start-up lag.

The membership of the DASH Promoters Group represents a significant cross section of major players across the multimedia and video delivery value chain. Microsoft, Netflix, and Qualcomm are the founding members. Other companies include: Adobe, AEG Digital Media, Akamai, BuyDRM, Digital Rapids, Digital TV Labs, Dolby, EBU-UER, Elemental, Envivio, Ericsson, Harmonic, Intertrust, NDS, Packet Ship, Path1, RGB Networks, Samsung, Thomson, University of Klagenfurt, and ZiXi.


Voddler and Dolby Launch Mobile Movie Service

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Nokia Voddler and Dolby Laboratories implement Dolby Digital Plus audio in the latest mobile version of the Voddler video-on-demand (VOD) service.

Launched at Mobile World Congress on select Nokia smartphones (N9, 700, 701, 603, 803, and the upcoming 803) the Voddler app streams full movie with "true" 5.1 Dolby-powered surround sound. 

The Voddler online library offers movies and TV series from 35 studios for customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland,  with the option to either purchase, rent or purchase titles. 

Go Voddler Launches World's First Dolby Digital Plus Movie Service to Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices Get 360-Degree Video

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Kogeto DotKogeto shows off the Dot 360-degree panoramic video recording accessory for iOS and Android devices (and the GoPro camera) at CES 2012.

The idea behind the dot is fairly simple-- users need to install the Kogeto Looker app before attaching the holster-like Dot to their smartphone of choice. The app allows the automatic recording of 360-degree panoramic video for users to either edit or upload to the web.

The Dot is already available for the iPhone 4/4S, and an update should hit the market post-CES for iPhones and Android phones (under the name "iCONIC for Android"), as well as GoPro Hero cameras.

Go Kogeto Dot

LifeSize: VTC Compatibility to iPad, iPhone & Cloud

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LifeSize Connections

Everyone wants videoconferencing products to integrate desktop applications like Skype, iChat and GoogleTalk into high-end VTC systems-- especially HD ones. This would allow everyone to be able to jump on a VTC network anywhere at any time-- even if you don't have a high-end VTC system.

Well, those days are coming and in the meantime, companies like Cisco, Polycom and now Logitech with LifeSize are offering a patch-like solution by making their networks available via mobile devices like iPads and mobile phones via the Cloud.

Dubbed LifeSize Connections, it's an HD video collaboration platform that uses the cloud to connect compatible VTC's available to devices (phones, laptops and iPads) via a $1000 box.

OK, so how? Well, first of all, they bought Mirial, so they've integrated their mobile connectivity technology into the LifeSize Cloud.

Watch LifeSize Connections

Mirial Adds H.264 Support on Mobile Devices

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Mirial announces ClearSea supports H.264 also on mobile devices, leveraging on the hardware-based decoding capabilities of the mobile CPU.

The support in ClearSea for H.264 up to qHD is available on most Tegra2-based devices and Qualcomm-based devices, such as HTC Sensation, the Motorola Atrix 4G, the Dell Streak 7 and many others, with qHD (960x540 pixels) being the native resolution of the most advanced smartphones available today. The majority of Android devices can still enjoy H.264 high quality video codec up to CIF resolution in ClearSea.

ClearSea is the only professional video conferencing solution including a software client for Android devices that enables organization to connect Pc, Mac, Android or iOS devices and any standards-based H.323/SIP equipment, such as videoconferencing room systems.

ClearSea for Android, as well as for iOS, Windows and Mac, is available today as a service or as an on-premises solution.

Go Mirial and ClearSea