Google Glass Steps on the Catwalk

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The New York Fashion Week is the last place most expect to find the latest in consumer hi-tech-- yet that is where the Google Glass augmented reality (AR) glasses made a showing, with several models sporting the glasses at the Diane Von Furstenberg finale.

DVF Google GlassThe Belgian designer and members of her design and production team also got to wear the glasses at he event as part of "DVF through Glass," a video project Google will showcase on YouTube later this week.  "Beauty, style and comfort are as important to Glass as the latest technology... We are delighted to bring Glass to the runway together with DVF," Google co-founder and Glass "key leader" Sergey Brin says. Perhaps predictably, Brin also showed up at the fashion show wearing a pair of the AR goggles.


Nokia Wireless Headsets Get Monster(s)

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The Nokia-Monster relationship bears further fruit with the Purity Pro-- a wireless successor to the Monster-branded Purity HD headset, now with Bluetooth and NFC connectivity.

Purity ProMonster provides audio and active noise cancellation technologies, with feed forward and feedback features for ambient and percussive noise cancellation.

Designed to "perfectly match your Lumia," the Purity Pro ship in 4 colours (black, red, yellow, white) from October 2012. Can we assume the colour selection matches that of a soon-announced future Lumia device or two?

Go Nokia Purity Pro Headset

SteelSeries Intros Mobile Peripherals

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SteelSeries launches the Freedom to Play family at Gamescom 2012-- a peripheral series ideal for mobile device users, complete with controllers and headsets.

Steel Series"The SteelSeries Freedom to Play product line-up is designed for players who want to play and experience more than just swiping and word games on their tablets and phones,” the company claims.

The product family includes the Free Mobile Gaming Controller, a wireless Android- and iOS-compatible Bluetooth controller. It has a button layout similar to the Playstation controller and a rechargeable battery hosting up to 10 hours of "non-stop playtime."

Mobile device users also get the Free Touchscreen controls-- conductive rubber suction cups users can stick on a touchscreen to mimic the "feel" of physical controller buttons.

Headsets come in two varieties-- the customisable Flux Headset (a cross-platform, on-ear headset) and the Flux In-Ear Pro Headset.

Go SteelSeries Introduces "Freedom to Play" Mobile Gaming Peripherals

The Thinnest Mobile Charger Yet?

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Do your customers fear running out of mobile device power at the wort possible time? Proporta suggests the TurboCharger Pocket Power for such emergencies-- a charger small enough to fit in a wallet.

TurboCharger Pocket PowerThe Pocket Power measures 90 x 54 x 7mm and "packs a surprisingly high amount of power" according to the company. It has 680mAh capacity, and Proporta claims the Pocket Power can charge a Samsung Galaxy S3 by 23%, a Kindle 4 by 50%, an iPhone 4S by 34% and the Google Nexus 7 by 11%.

Charging comes through micro USB port (with an adapter for Apple devices). LED lights indicate the amount of charge left.

Go TurboCharger Pocket Power

Microsoft Hardware Group Gets Windows 8-Ready

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With Windows 8 to launch in October, your customers will want upgrades on their Microsoft peripherals selection: for example, wireless and tablet-friendly keyboards and mice.

Windows 8 AccessoriesMost interesting are the Wedge Touch Mouse and Keyboard-- Bluetooth-enabled compact devices with Windows 8 features (such as shortcut keys) and pleasing industrial design.

The Wedge Touch Mouse features 4-way scrolling and Bluetrack technology, allowing customers to use it on any surface. Meanwhile the Wedge Keyboard has a removable cover that doubles as a multi-angle (via centre joint) tablet stand and a set of hotkeys for launching Windows 8 menu functions.

The Explorer Touch Mouse and Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 get an update, and are now the Sculpt Touch Mouse and Sculpt Mobile Keyboard-- thanks to extra Windows 8 functions and a change of Windows logo.

Microsoft 8 keyboard

For 30 years, the Microsoft Hardware Group has successfully sold PC peripherals, a fact that many observers forget when they argue the software giant has little or no experience in hardware.  In the rat race to sell mice and keyboards, Microsoft succeeds in selling brand and product quality against the The Horde of cheap, brand-less Asian manufacturers. This is a tour de force equal to HP holding the number one position in printers.

Go Microsoft Hardware Delivers on Windows 8