The Backup Batteries with a Backup

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Your customers might find backup batteries useful (if not essential), but even the best backups might fail in an emergency. Enter EtonC, whose BoostTurbine backup batteries come with an additional hand-powered backup.

BoostturbineThe BoostTurbine USB batteries have a hand crank (or "hand turbine power generator") allowing users to generate extra juice. According to the company 1 minute on the hand crank produces enough power for a few text messages or a 30-second phone call.

BoostTurbine batteries come in two models-- the BoostTurbine 1000 (provides around 50% of the standard smartphone charge) and 2000 (provides a full charge). Both aluminium construction and US/microUSB ports, allowing for use with most iOS and Android devices.

Go BoostTurbine 1000

Go BoostTurbine 2000

B&O BeoPlay Gets iPhone 5 Compatibility

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With the iPhone 5 and the next generation of iDevices comes a new Apple connector-- and Bang & Olufsen takes advantage to introduce iPhone 5-compatible upgrade to the BeoPlay A8.

BeoplayThanks to an exchangeable connector module, the BeoPlay A8 not only works with the smaller Lightning iDevice connector but is also backwards-compatible with earlier modules.

Users can even remove the connector module completely should they prefer to listen to music in an entirely wireless manner through Apple AirPlay.

Mini-USB and Aux connectivity are also included.

The BeoPlay 8 is both freestanding and wall-mountable, with optimisation providing the best sound depending on location (wall, corner or freestanding).

Go B&O BeoPlay A8

Google Glass Steps on the Catwalk

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The New York Fashion Week is the last place most expect to find the latest in consumer hi-tech-- yet that is where the Google Glass augmented reality (AR) glasses made a showing, with several models sporting the glasses at the Diane Von Furstenberg finale.

DVF Google GlassThe Belgian designer and members of her design and production team also got to wear the glasses at he event as part of "DVF through Glass," a video project Google will showcase on YouTube later this week.  "Beauty, style and comfort are as important to Glass as the latest technology... We are delighted to bring Glass to the runway together with DVF," Google co-founder and Glass "key leader" Sergey Brin says. Perhaps predictably, Brin also showed up at the fashion show wearing a pair of the AR goggles.


Nokia Wireless Headsets Get Monster(s)

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The Nokia-Monster relationship bears further fruit with the Purity Pro-- a wireless successor to the Monster-branded Purity HD headset, now with Bluetooth and NFC connectivity.

Purity ProMonster provides audio and active noise cancellation technologies, with feed forward and feedback features for ambient and percussive noise cancellation.

Designed to "perfectly match your Lumia," the Purity Pro ship in 4 colours (black, red, yellow, white) from October 2012. Can we assume the colour selection matches that of a soon-announced future Lumia device or two?

Go Nokia Purity Pro Headset

SteelSeries Intros Mobile Peripherals

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SteelSeries launches the Freedom to Play family at Gamescom 2012-- a peripheral series ideal for mobile device users, complete with controllers and headsets.

Steel Series"The SteelSeries Freedom to Play product line-up is designed for players who want to play and experience more than just swiping and word games on their tablets and phones,” the company claims.

The product family includes the Free Mobile Gaming Controller, a wireless Android- and iOS-compatible Bluetooth controller. It has a button layout similar to the Playstation controller and a rechargeable battery hosting up to 10 hours of "non-stop playtime."

Mobile device users also get the Free Touchscreen controls-- conductive rubber suction cups users can stick on a touchscreen to mimic the "feel" of physical controller buttons.

Headsets come in two varieties-- the customisable Flux Headset (a cross-platform, on-ear headset) and the Flux In-Ear Pro Headset.

Go SteelSeries Introduces "Freedom to Play" Mobile Gaming Peripherals