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Sound DonutShown at ISE, Medialine's Bluetooth Sound+Voice Donut lets you teleconference connecting PC, mobile phone, tablet PC and many more portable devices by applying HQV (High Quality Voice) technology for voice communication.

Medialine calls it the world’s only device that works with Apple iPhone 4S with Siri voice commands through stereo speaker and microphone.


iUP's Range of Aluminum Mobile Stands & Accessories at CeBIT

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iUP introduces an aluminium range of mobile stands and accessories for iPad, iPad2, 7” to 10” tablets, iPhone and other best-selling mobile devices.

Why another accessories brand? iUP has three claims that make you look closer: first, they are skilled in anodized aluminum which provides a quality finish (that's why Apple uses it in their products); second, they are above average in design; and third, they have a broad range instead of a one-hit wonder.

The iUP IA 1 tablet stand matches the iPad owner’s love of style and it's made from anodized aluminium. The unit comes in two pieces (one main stand and one detachable foot) that allows the stand to transform itself-- it's configurable to four kinds of angles for convenient reading, photo viewing, watching movies, and direct on-screen typing. (You can see this in the photo.) Inside the stand itself, a high tech silicone cushion allows a soft rest for the iPad, notebook or tablet that it supports.

iUP trio

The iUP IA 1 stand can be stored conveniently flat but by re-positioning the foot it transforms easily into vertical position. Detach the foot and change position once more...then re-attach the foot and you have a horizontal position for typing.

Match up this unit with optional pieces (iUP CW) and it enables your iPad to hang on the Wall or even on the back of Car Seat (shown in photo, bottom right corner).

Next there is the iUP IA 1-PP, a 3-in-1 Stand/Charging Unit for Smart Phones and all generations of iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch (shown in photo, top right corner).