Ovi's Global Expansion in Numbers

For developers creating apps for Ovi Store (taking a shot at that $10 million in prizes), take note: 70 developers have each passed 1 million or more downloads on Ovi Store. Herocraft, (of Farm Frenzy fame) has seen over 10 million downloads from Ovi Store and Offscreen (a range of touchscreen apps) has already seen more than 45 million downloads.

With the number of active Nokia service users now approaching 140 million users worldwide, Ovi says it is making good progress: more, 200,000 new users are signing up to Ovi daily and Ovi Store downloads are now topping 2.3 million per day (that’s 300k more than a couple of weeks ago).

Ovi is now available in 190 countries around the worlds. In India, China and Indonesia, more than 4.7 million people now subscribe to Ovi Life Tools. Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat now have more than 17 million users and Ovi Music packs 11 million tracks across 38 countries.

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